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Welcome to Minisink Financial

Minisink Financial Corporation provides sophisticated, flexible nationwide servicing, lockbox and collections - at competitive pricing.

Minisink Financial Corporation AdOur clients enjoy maximum cash flow at a minimal cost. We process ACH/EFT, Statements and Coupon payments daily in real-time, and provide both web-based and "live phone" customer service. Whether you have consumer loans, mortgages, maintenance dues, or specialty receivables; whether you require automated servicing, portfolio analysis, multi-lingual collections or specialized reporting - Minisink is your first choice.

Our Management team has over 65 years of national and regional experience in commercial lending and receivables finance, loan servicing & administration, consumer loan collections, commercial loan workout, community banking, and timeshare development.

Our software is adaptable to a wide range of applications, from loans to association dues and beyond. We can handle sophisticated receivables financings, old fashioned delinquent collections, in-bound and out-bound loan customer service, and everything in-between. Our systems and our people are committed to getting you fast access to whatever information you require. Everyone at Minisink is dedicated to protecting your receivables and maximizing their value - we never forget that our job is to protect your money!